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How To Get a Website On Google

Getting a website to show up in Google's search results shouldn't cost anything. This article outlines how to do it yourself in about 5 minutes.

How Long Should A Post Title Be?

You get 512 pixels for an SEO title tag on Google search results pages. Here's what that means, plus how to write a title that works for you AND Google.

What Is a Meta Description?

This text is actually a meta description, but here are a few good guidelines for crafting smart, clickable meta descriptions of your own!

Use Alt Text To Optimize Your Pics

Alt tags can help bring new visitors to your site by improving your indexing for Google Image Search! Learn how to set up your alt text properly.

SEO for URLs

The way you write URLs on a site's pages can make a big difference for search traffic. Here are the key guidelines for creating smart, SEO-ified URLs.

How To SEO-ify Your Images

Simple, data-verified guidelines for optimizing your photos & getting the most out of Google Image Search — no technical background necessary.

SEO Basics

SEO means Search Engine Optimization — guidelines for making your site easy for Google to understand. Here are the basics for improving SEO: